Radiology (X-Ray)  - at Boyne Tannum Chiropractic Centre

For more than half a century, instruction in the taking of X-ray pictures of the spine and their interpretation has been a standard part of the chiropractic curriculum. The subject matter is regarded as an integral part of chiropractic, and research in this field continues to be-active among chiropractors.

The X-ray plays an important part in the practice of chiropractic. It determines the condition of the bones of the human framework and the exact position of the spinal misalignment or subluxation. This knowledge is important in that it provides information that will lead to corrective measures. 

It is now recognized that X-rays are essential in the diagnosis of a wide range of disorders, and that a patient who refuses to be X-rayed because of fear of radiation would not be protecting his health but jeopardizing it.

Here at the Boyne Tannum Chiropractic and Acupuncture Centre we are are proud to be able to provide this specialist services.  

The Australian Radiology Clinics, located in the same building as the Boyne Tauum Chiropractic Centre, at 93 Hampton drive, has licensee in Tannum Sands, to offer a x-ray services to the local community.

Plain x-rays, "walk in service"are available. With new state-of-the-art digital x-ray equipment, films can be printed out or burned on CD-rom to take with you to your referring doctor. X-ray images can be reported rapidly.

We are very excited to announce that all X-rays is now BULK BILLED at this facility.

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